2024 Summary Activities

Our Current Initiatives

Here you'll see the different intitiatives we The Aafia Foundation take part in to remind the public who we should remember and continually fight for. 

Many voices have been silenced, but we remain steadfast in bringing attention the rights and freedom they deserve. Join us on May 18th as we hold an event for Imam Jamil Al-Amin in Texas discussing the powerful virtue behind his case and the integrity of human rights we should all be aware of.  Spread the word!!

We'd like to remind many conscious folk in the western hemisphere (and other corners of the world) about "Malcolm X Day."  Not only do we aim to commemorate his legacy, we also want to announce a rally in honor of Dr. Siddiqui. The Aafia Foundation will undertake the following, Insha'Allah and we hope to see you there!


March 31, 2024, will mark the 21st anniversary of the “rendition” (i.e. kidnapping from their home city of Karachi), and subsequent secret imprisonment and torture, of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and her children - by Pakistani and U.S. operatives.