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Our central focus is speaking up for the voiceless political prisoners whose cases have been put aside. Let's dive into their stories and see how YOU can bring PEACE THROUGH JUSTICE.

Dr. Aafia Siddique

Imam Jamil Abuddlah Al-Amin's Case


Here you can look through more content of mobilization events we've organized, documents we've established and up to date yearly news we continually bring to light. We'll learn how to continually educate, advocate, and publish our community as we strive to bring justice where it's needed. 

We The Aafia Foundation are proud to say that we've made progress in our efforts in amplifying the attention upon many cases and express our solidarity with many victims like Dr. Aafia and Imam Jamil Alhamdulillah. However, there's still so much to be done and we value all the support we can receive as we continue in our advocacy. We thank those who have continually stayed with us through our efforts and of course we welcome our new members!

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