Our Goal

To show the world that True Peace for an individual and society can only Come Through Justice. This is the core message of our multifaceted education and advocacy programs. How we envision the world? By seeing our universally recognized human rights, accorded to every human being at birth by our Creator, thoroughly scripted in law and practiced in every land, God willing. 

What We Do

We target our message to individual citizens, civic organizations, religious institutions, government leaders, and relevant non-governmental organizations. We do this through:

"Stand firmly for justice as witnesses to ALLAH [God Almighty] even if  it is against yourselves . . . "  [Quran 4:135]

"When you see an evil action you must change it with your hand; if you cannot do so, with your tongue; if you cannot do so. with your heart - [but know] that is the weakest degree of faith." [Hadith 34, 40 Hadith an-Nawawi]

Here at The Aafia Foundation, we stand firm with the messages both The Noble Qur'an and our righteous Nabi Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) delivers. We provide a space for advocacy, education, and awareness via mobilizations plus thought-provoking discussions and publications. Click below to learn more about our organizational agenda! Learn what you can do to bring peace through justice.


The Aafia Foundation

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